welcome to my little corner in this hellhole we call the internet! ^u^


About me! (27/09/2022)


the purpose of this website for me to ramble about my interests and other shit i think about a lot! n take a peek of whats going on in my silly little brain and whats goin awn in my lyf ... I have little to no knowledge about coding but im workin awn it .. once i die my soul will haunt this website

Ill probably make a page for my art NYWAY i only post my art on instagram so check that out though i dont post alot

im not entirely sure what kind of stuff ill be adding to my website but i have many.. many ideas. this site is best viewed on pc it looks ass on phone .. watch my cat MICHAEL while im away

Got the base layout for this website from a layout generator made by sadgrl! check out their website its super helpful